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Lucknow: The City Of Nawabs

'Shaam-e-Awadh', as the dusk at Lucknow is called, Lucknow has been the cultural hub of the state, with its customs, traditions, music, architecture and literature.

Bada Imambara
Quick Facts
  • Location : Lucknow is the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, located in Northern India, 79 km from Kanpur which is the largest city of the state.
  • Climate : The climate of Lucknow is marked by hot and humid summers (April-June), cool and breezy winters (October-February) wet monsoons(July-September)
  • Known For : Mughal Architecture, Chikan Kaari, tehzeeb or courtesy and sumptuous delicacies.
  • Best Time To Visit : October to February.
Heritage Tourism In Lucknow
Bada Imambara :Imambara is the place where Muharram, the muslim festival commences. The Bada Imambara is also called the Asfi Imambara, named after Asaf-ud-Daula, Nawab of Oudh, who built the structure in 1784. This is the most famous monument of Lucknow, consisting of a magnanimous hall of 900 sq mt and 15 mt high ceiling which is built without any support of iron beams or any other support. It served as an invincible structure to protect its inhabitants and the Bhool Bhulaiya, a complex structure of numerous passages, built inside fort-structure, superimposes this purpose.

Chota Imambara : Chhota Imambara is another brilliant piece of Mughal architecture, built in the 19th Century. It stands next to the famous Bada Imambara with an attention-grabbing golden tomb and minarets. The decorated interiors with stunning chandeliers and calligraphy are a must-see. The Chhota Imambara also has the Nawab's throne and tomb.

Rumi Darwaza Or The Turkish Gate :Located next to the Bada Imambara in Old Lucknow, Rumi Darwaza, is one of the best Gateways in the whole world. The gateway is a 60 ft entrance to the walled city and looks like the gateway in Istanbul or the erstwhile Constantinople.

Juma Mazjid :Juma Masjid is more known for the Picture Gallery that it exhibits, a marvellous collection of paintings and portraits of the Nawabs and their wives. It was built by Mohommad Ali Shah in the nineteenth Century.

Clock Tower :Next to the Juma masjid, is the Clock Tower, which is the largest in India.

British Residency : The Residency built for the Britishers in 1800 AD by Sadat Ali, a great architect of that time, the structure was badly destroyed during the first war of independence in India in the year 1857, leaving the remnants of the excuisite building behind.

Fairs And Festivals
Muharram : A festival celebrated in the memory of Islamic Prophet Hussein, Muharram holds a special place for the Muslims. It is celebrated on a large scale in Lucknow owing to the huge population of Muslim in this area. Though fasting starts ten days before Muharram but ton the tenth day, it is considered very important to fast to get rewards from the Deity. People vow to make their enemies, their friends and do charitable deeds on this auspicious day.

Lucknow Mohotsav : Celebrated every year on 25th of November, Lucknow Festival brings the city to life with its vibrant ten-day long festival which consists of classical dance performances, traditional processions, music concerts from the Lucknow Gharanas or Gurus of classical singing, kite flying competitions,etc which creates a carnival-like atmosphere in the city.

Chikan work or embroidery with gold and silver threads, is the most famous and most shopped for item in Lucknow. White Kurtas with chikan work was the most preferred traditional wear of the Mughal rulers and the Nawabs who resided here.

Another specialty of Lucknow which can be picked from its markets are gem-studded jewellery, danglers and jhumkas, which are famous all over India and are promoted in Indian Film Industry also.

The best shopping areas of the city are Aminabad, Alambagh, Kapoorthala, Indiranagar and Nishatganj. You can also visit malls at Hazratganj and Gomti Nagar. But don't miss the delicious and motuh-watering delicacies of Lucknow mainly Biryani and Gosht for the non-vegetarian lovers and the phirnis and shaahi tukda for those with a sweet tooth. The Nawabi Dastarkhaan is famous all over the country.

How To Get There
Air : Amausi Airport located in the city is a domestic airport connecting it to major cities of the country including Delhi, Mumbai and Varanasi.

Rail : Lucknow Railway Station at Charbagh is the main railhead of the city.

Road : UP roadways provides a good network of roads, highways and transport service to the city. Lucknow is connected to Delhi via NH24 and to Varanasi via NH56. Bhim Rao Ambedkar is the main bus terminal of the city, located in Alamb.


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