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India Gate

India Gate
One of the most important monuments of the historical city of Delhi, the India Gate is also one among the most visited destinations. Built as memorial commemorating 80,000 Indian soldiers, who were killed during the first World War, the historical edifice of India Gate is located exactly opposite to the President House.

42 meters high arch of the magnificence building, designed by famous architect Edwin Lutyen, India Gate, for tourists, is a wonderful two-in-one experience. On the hand, the location of New Delhi gives you feel of contemporary Delhi, on the other, the historical significance lets one peep into the importance of contribution of Indian soldiers in the world war I.

Being one of the most favourite picnic spots of Delhi, the India Gate has very large lush lawns, where tourists as well as local visitors can be seen in heaps. For children, local vendors selling ice-creams, aerated drinks, and balloons, are best to be glued to. Children park and boat club are the two spots close to the gate, which are mostly flocked by picnickers. Visiting the India Gate comes to its full circle in the evening, when the special lighting makes the monument appear very illuminating.

Feel the patriotic zeal : Feeling deep the patriotic zeal becomes natural when you see the names of 70,000 Indian soldiers inscribed on the magnificent Gate, and the Amar Jawan Jyoti, the eternal flame, which was built in the memory of a soldier, who sacrificed his life for the nation.

Eating out : After the patriotic feat is over, rush to any of dozens of local vendors selling ice-creams, Golguppas, Papad, and other junkies. Gulping few of Golguppas and ice-creams will be best solution to your celebratory mood.

See the wonderful illumination : The best joy of visiting India Gate, you can draw in the evening. Sit on the flat bench or lie in the lush lawn, and see the wonderful lighting illuminating the historical monument.

Enjoy boating : Paying a nominal charge at nearby Boating Club lets you acquire a pedal boat for a fixed duration. Enjoying boat ride here with your companions is great fun.

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