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Char Minar

Char Minar, Hyderabad
Called also as “The Arc De Triomphe Of The East”, Charminar can be summed up as the best landmark of Hyderabad- one of the two metropolitan cities of South India. Architecturally excellent, the Charminar with its rich historical and cultural glory is the best representation of the cultural and monumental heritage, which the city has preserved for centuries.

History dating back to late 16th century, the Charminar – the architectural masterpiece of Hyderabad was built by emperor Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591. The impressive square monument got its popular name Charminar due to its four beautifully carved minarets, each having length of 48 meters. Built wholly of lime and granite mortar, the four arches of the monuments face four directions, and each of its minarets boasts of its bygone glory.

Located amidst the Chudi Bazaar of popular Lad Bazaar, the Charminar still smells the fragrance it used to in its infancy. The surrounding bazaars of Charminar, which are thousands in number, throb with the charm and glory which the city has left behind its modern form of ‘Cyberabad’. Marching past through its street shops hoarded with utility items and eateries, people bugged with shopping sickness will have great joy to discover. After you are too tired to shop anymore, it is better to glue to any of small restaurant and savour Hyderabadi Kebab and other traditional cuisine, for which Hyderabad is famous.

Must See & Do !
Architectural splendour: Made of granite and lime, the monumental edifice of Charminar is an architectural masterpiece. Get bewitched with its beautifully carved minarets and magnificent arches.

Shop around the mosque: The best you can enjoy at Charminar, of course, is shopping in famous bazaars thriving around it. One of the best shopping venues of the whole city, many of the thriving bazaars will give you an opportunity to shop all kind of amenities at reasonable price.

Savour the traditional food: After your shopping is over, the best you can do is to get glued to eating out points, and relish traditional Hyderabadi cuisine like Hyderabadi Kebab, Biryani, Murghi Korma, Haleem, Sheer Korma and many others.

Nearby attractions of the city: Some other historically popular locations of the city like Mecca Masjid and Jama Masjid are close to the Charminar, where you can go, and make your visit to the historical town more exciting.

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