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Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace
Mysore – The City Of Palaces is proud home to many of historical palaces known for its architectural and historical elegance. Mysore Palace, the most famous among them is the biggest attraction of historical city of Mysore, which was ruled by Wodeyar dynasty for almost 7 hundred years until the independence of India. Mysore Palace, in fact, is the best attraction for tourists coming to Mysore – the cultural capital of Karnataka.

Known also as Amba Vilas, Mysore Palace is one of the most magnificent monumental edifice of the country. Located at Mirza Road, the heart of the town, the palace was residence of Wodeyar Maharajas (kings) of Mysore state. Rebuilt magnificently (as several parts of the palace was burnt to ashes) by 24th of Wodeyar king in 1912, the palace regained its architectural beauty as well vast royal importance. Modelled on Indo-Saracenic design style, the art work in every part of the palace boasts of its incomparable beauty.

Now converted into a museum, the Mysore Palace with its royal opulence leads you to tub of amazement. The impressive three storeyed building with the height and breadth of 245 feet and 150 feet, respectively, is endowed with series of square towers and arches covered by domes. The open courtyard in the centre of the building has gold plated domes magnifying its architectural beauty. After your exploration of brilliant architectural work is over, the most splendid thing to stun you is the collection of art work including paintings and portraits of the palace. Also to watch are the jewellery and royal costumes, which were used by kings.

Explore the rooms with unparalleled beauty : The spectacular rooms of the palace are stunning in its magnificence. Do walk in the rooms like Diwan-e-Khas (used by kings for confidential meetings), Gombe Thotti (must to watch here is elephant sculpture decorated with 84 kg golds) and Kalyana Mantapa (the marriage hall).

Temples in the complex : The grand palace has 12 beautiful temples. The oldest one dates back to 14th century.

Nearby Attraction : Most of the popular attractios of Mysore like Jaganmohan Palace, Jayalakshmi Palace, Lalitha Mahal, Vasantha Mahal, Karanji Vilasa and Rajendra Vilasa are close to the Mysore Palace. To have the full view the historical city, one must walk to these places.

Mysore Festival : The 10-days long royal Mysore Dasara or Mysore Dussehra has been been an innate part of the tradition of Mysore for centuries. Celebrated every year in the month of October, the festival is the best time to visit the historical city.

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