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Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves
The majestic Ajanta Caves are located near the city of Aurangabad in Mumbai. As a popular World Heriatge Site of India, these caves are repository of 30 other caves in which 9, 10, 19 26 and 29 are chaitya-grihas and the rest are monasteries. These caves are world famous for the cave shrines that are cut out of rock. The carvings depict the life of Buddha. The Ajanta caves were discovered in the 19th century by the group of british officials.

The caves at Ajanta are architecturally marvelous. They are set in a steep crescent-shaped hillside in a forested ravine of the Sahayadri hills. The Buddhists caves of Ajanta are popularly known for their well preserved frescoes (wall paintings) which vividly depict the lifestyle of that period. These caves narrate the age old tradition and culture. These caves presents the finest examples of some of the earliest Buddhist architecture, cave paintings and sculptures.

Must See and Do
Architecture admiration : Ajanta caves are the most amazing architectural sites in India. Indulge yourself in sightseeing around these beautiful caves. Admire the beautifully decorated and most preserved paintings, portraying magnificent array of colours, hairstyles, poses and costumes. Have a look at the decorated galleries, curved pillars, Jataka scenes, mighty doorways. Theses caves have unique floral pattern and roofs are beautifully designed. The sculptures resembles the fine images of the animals, birds as well as flowers.

Enjoy photography : Spend some time taking pictures of these wonder caves. The best time for photographing is the morning time as the Ajanta Caves face eastwards. You can also enjoy shooting inside the caves, but avoid shooting in the afternoon as during that period the inside chambers of the caves are less illuminated.

Sightseeing : You can simply laze around in the open lawns or you can also take the bicycle ride to explore the caves. You can hire a guide who can help you visiting all the hidden treasures of the Ajanta and Ellora while, and can explain the historical importance and significance of these caves. Make a visit to the nearby popular places such as Ellora caves, Elephanta island, Khandala and Lonavala.

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