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Pattadakal Temples
The vivid contribution pf Pattadakal to the cultural, historical as well as archaeological heritage of India makes it a World Heritage Site designated by UNICEF. The group of many popular monuments of Pattadakal are very fine portrayal of Hindu temple architectural beauty.

AIt was the kings of Chalukya dynasty of South India in 7th and 8th century, who constructed the temples and monuments of Pattadakal, 22 km from Badami ( now a part of the state of Karnataka) – the capital of Chalukya dynasty. The best attraction of the temples of Pattadakal lies in presenting an excellent amalgam of Dravidian (Southern Indian) and Indo-Aryan (Norther Indian) architectural dexterity.

Four temples built in Nagara style (of Northern India), four in Dravidian style and one (Papanath Temple) in mixed style constitute the prime attraction. Popular temples like Papanath, Jambulingesvara, Kadasiddesvara and Kasinatha show Nagar style of rich architectural beauty, while Shaivite temples of Sangamesvara, Virupaksaha and Mallikarjuna are excellent portrayal of Dravidian architectural style. Witnessing these temples with fondling aesthetic eyes give tourists the best joy of cultural and historical discoveries of India.

Must See & Do !
Virupaksaha and Mallikarjuna Temples: The two most famous temples of Pattadakal, Virupaksha and Mallikarjuna temples have same architectural features, and have walls showing Shaivites stone imageries.
Annual Dance festival: Held in 4th week of January every year, attending the dance festival of Pattadakal is full of frolic, and even is the best time to visit the historical town.

Nearby attraction: Aihole (46 km) – once the regional capital of the Chalukyas, and Badami (26 km) – the capital of Chalukya dynasty are short drive from Pattadakal. Visiting here brings one closer to some more architecturally wonderful locations.

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