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One of the most magnificent city of the world in its hey-days, Hampi still gleams with its intense historical significance. Accepted by UNESCO as one of the World Heritage Site, Hampi – the world famous imperial city, bewitch tourists from all over with its unique architectural beauty.

Hampi, seeming “as large as ancient Rome” and the capital of Vijayanagara, the largest empire in post-Mughal India (14th century), is today aesthethical joy to experience. The Vijayanagara empire famous for bringing great work of renovation and construction of temples and architectural complex left its very capital, Hampi, of no exception. The city frozen in time is still brimmed with sculptural and architectural beauty boasting its magnificence.

The ruined city of Hampi today spread into 26 sq km of area, and visit to it assures you that you are left with a good pack of admiration of its elegant palaces and complex. Walking through the places which once held the clamorous bazaars, and numerous of temples and palaces may have lost its liveliness, but the whole complex still has something incomparable to boast of. And that is its elan of architectural and sculptural richness. The pride and valour of the desolated city still dwells in each of its design and carving work.

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Royal Enclosure: Walking into the citadel of the city takes you to view many of royal buildings, such as palaces, pavallions, public baths, stables and other quarters. Some buildings catching your attention are Queen’s Bath, Mahanavami Dibba, Hazara Rama Temple and Elephant stables.

The Temple Area: Laid out in traditional South-Indian styles, temples like Virupaksha Temple, Achyut Raya Temple, Vitthala Temple and Krsihna Temple are some of the famous temples, which keep tourists engaged in gazing its architectural beauty. Close to the Vitthala Temple is King’s Balance, the famous stone frame.

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