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Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho Carvings
Built between the period of 10th and 12th century, Khajuraho temple complex are great archaeological treasure of India. Dating more than one thousand year back, the elegant temple structure was built by the then ruler of Chandela dynasty, who clad the whole capital with numerous of tanks and beautiful temples. The temple complex with its numerous erotic sculptures is a fine portrayal of sexual and spiritual significance of the country.

Khajuraho, the land of moon god, had total 85 of temples amongst which only 20 survive today. The temple complex built in north-Indian ‘Nagara’ style of architecture are today the unique gift of love from India to the world. The temple complex of Khajuraho with its unique erotic art have become today one of the best place to witness the historical and architectural significance of the country.

Richest and largest of all temple groups, Western Complex of the temples are designated as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The other prominent site of the temple complex are Eastern and Southern Complex. Most of the famous temples like Lakshmana Temple, Kandaria Temple, Devi Jagdamba Temple, Chandragupta Temple and Parvati Temple are part of Western Complex, while Jain Group Of Temples, The Vamana Temple and Adinath Temple are in Eastern Complex.

Must See & Do
Sound and light show: After one’s visit to the temple complex is over, sound and light show, narrated in the voice of famous Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachhan, is held every evening at western complex is must scheduled part of one’s visit.

Shopping: Items : like iron, brass and stone sculptures are best buy of Khajuraho. especially picking some stone and metal sculpture of Kam Sutra pose are worth befitting your drawing room.

Visit to museums: Visit to three of the popular museum of Khajuraho – ASI museum and Jain museum and state museum of tribal and folk let visitors see hundreds of statutes and finer collection of tribal artefacts in terracotta, metal craft, wood craft, painting, jewelery and etc.

Nearby famous location: Panna National Park, one of the famous tiger reserves of the country, lies mere 27 km from the temple complex. A game viewing in the park heightens greatly one’s joy of vacationing.

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