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Brihadisvara Temple

Brihadisvara Temple
Located at Thanjavur of Tamilnadu (India), Brihadisvara Temple is an ancient temple built in Dravidian style of temple structure. One among the “Great Living Chola Temples”, Brihadisvara Temple, also called as Peruvudaiyar Koil, is one of the best example of temple architectural elegance in the country.

Built between the period of 1003 and 1010 by the founder of Chola dynasty, the great king Rajaraja, the Brihadisvara Temple, due to its magnificence structure, has been designated as World Heritage Site. The temple made of granite blocks is crowned with 13-storey tower (Srivamana) is one of the major attraction of the temple. Octagonal shaped dome of the temple rests upon a single square block of square of granite, which weigh approx 81 tonnes.

Believed to be one of the most famous Saiv temple of the world, chief figure of the temple is Shiva Linga. Along with the most famous 8.7 meters high Lingam, there are three sculpture of lord Shiva in different poses. The later centuries brought several addition to the presence of shrines and temples as well. The temples of Devi and shrines of Ganesha and Mandapa of Natraj were further addition in the temple, which manifold its religious and architectural significance.

Must See & Do !
Temple sightseeing: The best thing that you can do at Thanjavur is undoubtedly, taking the holy visit to the world famous Brihadisvara Temple. With its immense valour, beauty and magnificence, you will experience a wonderful exploration of thousand year temple. .

Nature viewing: Some popular parks and gardens of Thanjavur like Sivagangai Garden and Rajarajan Manimandapam are ideal spots where one can walk to after finishing the temple sightseeing.

Palace and Museum: The palace located on the east main street are series of large buildings, which are worth visiting. You will have fine opportunity to witness the architectural valour of Nayaks and Marathas. Besides, visiting museum must be in one’s schedule as it has very fine collection of coins, musical instruments and sculptures.

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