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Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple
Also known as the 'Black Pagoda', Konark Sun Temple is the clowning glory of Orissa. It was built in the 13th century by the king Narasimhadeva of Ganga Dynasty in order to mark his military victory. It resembles a colossal chariot, with 24 wheels, pulled by the seven distracting horses. It has two lions on its entrance as the gatekeepers which are shown as crushing the war elephants. Sun Temple has been included in the World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Konark lay directly in the path of a total solar eclipse. It is said that the temple was built by the Samba, the son of Lord Krishna.

Dominated by the black stone, Konark Temple is an astounding architectural master piece. The walls, roof and base of the temple are carved out in a erotic style. It beautifully depict the images animals, warriors on horses, foliage, men and other interesting patters. The main sanctum is 229 feet high. It consists of Audience hall, Nata Mandir and Bhoga Mandap within its premises.

Dip in the Sacred Pond : Do-not forget to take a dip in the sacred pond at the Konark Temple. It is assumed that by that the pond has some divine power through which all the one can get escape from all the worries of his life. Samba, son of lord Krishna, was cursed of Leprosy on throwing a stone in the Konark beach which fell into sacred pond and laid the foundation of Sun Temple.

Nature Walk : Take the nature walk along the Konark beech. Relish the cool breeze blowing behind your face. Konark beech provides the perfect location for picnic. Fishing, angling, and sea cruising are the other activities which you can enjoy here.

Festivals : Konark is most famous for its dance festival which is held annually. Devotees perform traditional classical dance called Odisi and celebrated the festival with great spirit and enthusiasm. Religious festival Chandrabhaga mela and Magha Saptami are celebrated in the month of February.

Shopping : Spend time exploring the handicrafts items from the beech stalls. The most famous items include paintings on palm leaves, crafts of beads and fabric and most important stone made God images. While in Orissa try out its most popular dish Masala dosa.

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