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Nalanda University

Nalanda University
The ancient seat of Buddhist learning in India, the ancient university of Nalanda is believed to be one of the first great universities in recorded history. Dating more than one thousand years back, the ruined university complex still boasts of its bygone glory and pride. Nalanda is located 55 miles south east of Patna, Bihar in India. Nalanda university is located 55 miles of South east of Patna in Bihar.

This Buddhist centre of learning, the university of Nalanda flourished between 427 CE and 1197 CE due to patronage of kings like Harshavardhana and Pala kings of Pala dynasty. The international scholastic centre with its magnificent edifice and complex was architectural masterpiece. Even today, while being at the ruined complex of university, you can view the majestically built classrooms, compounds, temples and meditation halls proclaiming its bygone architectural charm.

The university, which, once housed 10,000 students and 2,000 teachers, though remain today in its hushness, yet an extent walk to the complex transit one to feel the architectural charm of the lost era. The complex, marked by lofty walls and one gate, had eight separate compounds, ten temples, classrooms, meditation halls, lakes and parks. Stepping upward the 9-storey library is definitely the best attraction as it will give you a very fine and comprehensive view of excavation of the ruined university.

Must See & Do !
National Archaeological Museum: Opposite to the university gate is the small National Archaeological Museum. The unique collection of Hindu and Buddhist bronzes, unspoilt statue of Buddha, copper plates, coins, stone inscriptions can be viewed here.

Silao: Lying between Nalanda and Rajgir, the small village of Silao is famous for its local sweet-made “Khaja”.
Sheesh Mahal: Being at the Sheesh Mahal (Glass Palace) implies getting stunned with the view of one of the best work of glass-mosaic decoration of the country.

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